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Music Education Workshops

Music Exploratories in Middle Schools

Using slit drums created in the woodworking exploratories, students work with rhythmic layers in the style of music from Ghana.

Music Advocacy

In the spring of 1997, the Greater Victoria School Board reduced instrumental music programs at the elementary level by 44%.The presentor chaired the Music Advocacy Steering Committee for the Greater Victoria Music Teachers for the 2001/2002, 1998/1999/ and1997/98 school years and is able to share information regarding those years of intense activity.

Improvisation for General Music Classes

Improvisation is an ideal musical experience to use as a vehicle for helping develop the child's ability to explore, express, communicate,interpret, and create through music. A variety of methods can be used depending upon the grade level of the students.

Practically Painless Performance

Use "informances" and arranging strategies to turn the music learned in the general music or young band class into performance selections.


Workshops for teachers who wish to gain playing skills to accompany the singing of children; and workshops for teachers who wish to learn to teach ukulele as a performance based comprehensive music progrm. Presentor has worked with educators in Hawaii, Mainland US, and Canada. Workshops follow the Doane methodology for ukulele.

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