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Ukuleles in Music Education 
Fleabag Blues: An Introduction to Doane Ukulele

A broad outline of the use of the ukulele in Canadian schools as the basis for a performance oriented, comprehensive, general music program. Doane Ukulele 

  • Strumming to Accompany Singing.
  • Creating a Vocal Harmony.
  • The Reading of Music.
  • Playing by Ear/Ear Training.
  • Improvisation.
  • Scales.
  • Solo Skills.
  • Ensemble Skills.
  • Addition of classroom percussion instruments.

Length: 22 minutes 
Price: $49.95

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Fleabag Blues: An Introduction to Improvisation for Ukulele

Ukulele Improvisation 
                                   VideoThe cassette outlines a possible sequence and related methodologies for the introduction of improvisation to children in the intermediate grades. Activities have been tested by the writer and her colleagues with children from 9-12 years of age. The sequence, based on 12 bar blues, and on Dorian mode, is demonstrated by a ukulele ensemble, but could be easily adapted to recorder or bells by using the C major scale as the base.

Length: 33 minutes 
Price: $59.95 

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Advocacy - Music Education
Why Music?

An 8 minute video focused on why schools, communities, and people need music. Includes brief clips of performances, panel presentations, and a musical instrument "zoo" for young children.

Length: 8 minutes 
Price: $25.00

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